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Bank Flashing is like a simple funds transferred to your Bank Account it’s working is same as normal standard swift transfer but is having few differences which make it Flash. It’s Known as Flash Because it disappears away after 30 days, and the reason behind its disappearance is that it is generated by playing around with swift system and getting the transaction shown in swift system after a successful message delivered. So its validity, Working, and Nature make it to be called Flash funds.

Basic About the generation Of Flash Funds

Flash funds are generated with the help of spoofing the swift system by hacking the server  resources with the help of software

To generate Flash funds transferred to any account you need to have a software which can spoof the swift system it generate the swift messaged and send the funds over to your bank account but the source of funds remain unknown. That is the only reason that there is a limit to spoof the system. If you increase that limit it would be risky for you and you can have a legal issues against you.

Swift Messaging System

For the flash funds you must be aware about all the swift messaging system as a single mistake in that can lead you to serious troubles that’s why only use it if you are well aware about the system.

Amount of Funds

The amount of Funds transferred must not exceed the amount of $1.8M because anything more than that will pass through security check and funds will fail to transfer to your account and you can be in legal trouble

Swift messaging codes

Message Description
MT 101 Request for Transfer
MT 103 Single Customer Credit Transfer
MT 110 This multiple message is sent by a drawer bank, or a bank acting on behalf of the drawer bank to the bank on which a/several cheque(s) has been drawn (the drawee bank)
MT 202 General Financial Institution Transfer
MT 760 It is used to issue a guarantee or to request the Receiver to issue a guarantee
MT 799 This message type is used by financial institutions to send or receive information for which another message type is not applicable

Validity and Features of Flash Funds

What is the validity of Flash Funds and Features of how the Flash Funds acts and works
  • Flash Funds are generated through software by spoofing the swift system
  • Minimum amount can be any but less then $0.2M is not of worth to sender.
  • Maximum amount must be $1.8M Anything above that can cause you in trouble
  • Until and unless you can’t create the source you must not exceed that limit
  • Flash Funds stays in any account for 30 days
  • Flash Funds can be transferred to any account in validity period
  • Can be used for online shopping or POS
  • Cannot be withdrawn mostly people get into trouble when they try to withdraw

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